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    Burning Flames of Passion

    Burning Flames of Passion A relentless desire that annihilates inhibitionA yearning hunger never fulfilledAn insatiable thirst unable to be quenchedFlames burn at his soulImprisoned in a cage of lustThat governs free willIn dichotomy so starkA slave to passionHe has succumbed to itYielding allDeceived by the dark Books by Ms. Cordelia Livingston Chantal’s Law: To Serve And Obey (Book One)Cuck’s Club: Young And Entitled PrincessBag Man: The Extreme Life of a Beta Male www.freeinthought.com

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    DARK & ALONE (But supernaturally in love)

    Dark & Alone (But supernaturally in love) A night of darkness that brings out the sinister in some Those disturbed and tormented by demons Walking a path between two worlds Their lives spent dwelling between reality’s seam The moon is full and bright It beckons the twisted fool Drawing sigils in his own blood Speaking incantations to the Succubus of the night Succumbing without a fight Giving his heart and soul without price Happy just to be loved Or rather to be tricked in plain sight She’ll give him five minutes of superficial lust without shame The demon soothes his heart, a cure for the lonely and depressed But takes…

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    Young Princess (The Inspiration of Old Men)

    Young Princess Entitled to abundance of ease and pleasure Bending him at the knee with effort so little The likes of which is nearly impossible to measure She glides and hovers above with grace Happening upon the gaze of many a man lonely and lost Taking advantage of their passions with her hypnotically angelic face Logic, nor rational purpose can keep his primal lust suppressed It creeps and it crawls, filling his every pore and organ Until the poor fool carelessly gives all, bowing at her behest Young Princess so sweet You rule old men’s hearts Your beauty can never be beat Conquering their souls you rise to power Asserting…

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    Popular (Cheerleader Goddess)

    Popular Cheerleading Queen Manipulating outcomes behind the scene She runs the halls Commands attention Acting surprised As boys fight for permission To carry her books All because of her Goddess looks Justified, yes Fair, of course not Who said life was just Grow up and worship her in lust Teenage Goddess You ruled my school When I was young It meant so much To idolize your image From across the hall Faithfully waiting To spring at your beck and call Instead, you deceived You crumpled scrap paper into a ball To throw in my face Smiling Your girlfriends laughing hysterically To shouts of loser and lowlife I took your abuse…