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    Burning Flames of Passion

    Burning Flames of Passion A relentless desire that annihilates inhibitionA yearning hunger never fulfilledAn insatiable thirst unable to be quenchedFlames burn at his soulImprisoned in a cage of lustThat governs free willIn dichotomy so starkA slave to passionHe has succumbed to itYielding allDeceived by the dark Books by Ms. Cordelia Livingston Chantal’s Law: To Serve And Obey (Book One)Cuck’s Club: Young And Entitled PrincessBag Man: The Extreme Life of a Beta Male www.freeinthought.com

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    Chantal’s Law Femdom Series – Book Two is COMING SOON!

    You can find Chantal’s Law: Book One on Amazon Other Books by Free In Thought Publishing Chantal’s Law: To Serve And Obey (Book One) Cuck’s Club: Young And Entitled Princess Bag Man: The Extreme Life of a Beta Male Author Ms. Cordelia Livingston has a passion for writing vivid erotic and extreme fantasy based stories with core themes of Female domination, cuckold, and fetish. You can find her works exclusively on Amazon. More on Cordelia at FreeInThought.com

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    DARK & ALONE (But supernaturally in love)

    Dark & Alone (But supernaturally in love) A night of darkness that brings out the sinister in some Those disturbed and tormented by demons Walking a path between two worlds Their lives spent dwelling between reality’s seam The moon is full and bright It beckons the twisted fool Drawing sigils in his own blood Speaking incantations to the Succubus of the night Succumbing without a fight Giving his heart and soul without price Happy just to be loved Or rather to be tricked in plain sight She’ll give him five minutes of superficial lust without shame The demon soothes his heart, a cure for the lonely and depressed But takes…

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    Femdom Book Sale (Chantal’s Law – September 1st, 2018)

    “A very good book and really hope there is a part 2 in the works. Definitely need to see more of Goddess Chantal’s vision of the future.” (Amazon Review, August 25, 2018)   FEMDOM BOOK SALE Coming September 1st, 2018 to Amazon!     Get Chantal’s Law For Up To 75% OFF! On the morning of September 1st, 2018, Cordelia Livingston’s new book, Chantal’s Law will be going on sale at Amazon. The kindle e-book will be offered for up to 75% off the retail price in a time-limited Femdom book sale. Cordelia would like to expose a broader audience to her work and to the dark and seductive world…

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    Extreme Femdom – Now Available in Paperback (Chantal’s Law)

    She is the judge, jury and executioner… Get Your Extreme Femdom On Amazon Today! Chantal’s Law is a smashing success for extreme Femdom on Amazon. It’s doing really well in it’s first month of publication. The author, Cordelia Livingston and publisher, Free In Thought Publishing couldn’t be any more proud. The book is now available paperback as well! If you haven’t read Chantal’s Law: To Serve And Obey, now is a great opportunity to get started. It’s available exclusively on Amazon through Kindle e-book and Kindle Unlimited as well as paperback. Follow the links below to start reading now!   Meet successful attorney at law, Chantal Gibson. She’s not your…

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    Chantal’s Law Book Review

    To Review or Not To Review (Chantal’s Law Book Review)? That is the question! But seriously, first off I want to thank the many readers who have supported me by purchasing my first femdom novel or reading it on Kindle Unlimited. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate you taking a chance on me. I’m very excited to be writing for all of you. I’m making this short post today to ask, now that many of you have read the book, if you would be so kind as to leave a review on Amazon. I love reviews (especially positive ones)! I’m kidding. I’m interested in all of…

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    What’s So Special About High Heels?

    Those high heels look amazing on you! …you’ve probably wondered at some point in your life why men (and women) are so darn attracted to a gorgeous pair of high heels?   HIGH HEELS IN HISTORY According to Wikipedia, heels were actually worn first by men (Gasp!). There were both practical reasons and superficial ones. Practically speaking, men had heels on their boots while riding horses which helped to keep their feet in the stirrups. As well, there were periods in history when it was seen as more of a symbol of status. Wearing a heel elevated the wearer physically which in turn symbolized a higher standing. Supposedly heeled shoes…

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    Female Led Relationships (She’s In Charge!)

    Female Led Relationships! ARE WOMEN UP TO THE TASK?   Female Led Relationships (FLR) are a central theme in Cordelia Livingston’s debut novel, Chantal’s Law: To Serve And Obey. Although a work of pure fantasy, she touches upon some very real-world questions that are worth asking in today’s modern progressive society. She deals headlong with the idea of Female Led Relationships. Her book explores what marriage might be like for a husband under the domineering rule of a strong female.   Can women take charge and be aggressive leaders? Do they even want to?   Cordelia seems to think so. She tells a dynamic story that portrays all woman as…

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    Who Is Cordelia Livingston?

    Cordelia Livingston (Femdom Fiction Author) Cordelia Livingston of Free In Thought Publishing is an author of erotic fantasy and Femdom fiction. Her first venture into the exciting world of Femdom fiction is with the series titled, Chantal’s Law. The first book in the series was recently published July 27th, 2018 exclusively on Amazon Kindle. It is the first in a series of alternative erotic fantasy fiction featuring the young and beautiful protagonist Chantal Gibson. Chantal is a rising star defense attorney who also happens to be an ardent Female Supremacist. Having already emasculated her husband, Chantal sets her sights on taking over the law firm where she works. Her goal…

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    NEW BOOK RELEASE! (Chantal’s Law)

      A New Law Has Been Passed! I’m very excited to announce Free In Thought Publishing’s new Femdom fiction book release from author Cordelia Livingston. Her book is now live on Amazon for purchase. Follow the links provided if you are interested. If it’s not your cup of tea, then tell your friends (you’ll have my sincerest gratitude). Buy Chantal’s Law: Book One at Amazon Kindle Now! Preview The Book! New Femdom Fiction! Chantal’s Law: Book One – To Serve And Obey Meet successful attorney at law, Chantal Gibson. She’s not your average young, up and coming, superstar attorney. Chantal is a hardcore Female Supremacist, and she has her sights…