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    Burning Flames of Passion

    Burning Flames of Passion A relentless desire that annihilates inhibitionA yearning hunger never fulfilledAn insatiable thirst unable to be quenchedFlames burn at his soulImprisoned in a cage of lustThat governs free willIn dichotomy so starkA slave to passionHe has succumbed to itYielding allDeceived by the dark Books by Ms. Cordelia Livingston Chantal’s Law: To Serve And Obey (Book One)Cuck’s Club: Young And Entitled PrincessBag Man: The Extreme Life of a Beta Male www.freeinthought.com

  • Bag Man,  BDSM,  Cuckold,  Femdom,  Fetish,  Forced Bi

    Exploring Sexuality: Alpha Male Worship

    Available Now on Amazon for Pre-order!  Cuckolds and Alpha Males The latest book by Free In Thought Publishing’s Cordelia Livingston takes a deep dive into the dark and often misunderstood world of straight male cuckolds and the Alpha males they serve. Alpha male worship by straight men that are loyal to their female partners is often incorrectly assumed to be a homosexual practice. In reality, it’s far more complicated than that. In Bag Man: The Extreme Life of a Beta Male, the protagonist Greg, starts off as your average guy and one fortunate enough to be dating a knockout young and beautiful woman. When an unfortunate circumstance in the men’s…

  • Bag Man,  BDSM,  Cuckold,  Femdom,  Fetish,  Forced Bi

    Beta Male Cuckold – Bag Man – Pre-Order Now!

    Available Now on Amazon for Pre-order!  “The biker took the sole of his boot and stepped down on the back of Greg’s head, forcing his face into the bowl. His entire head was submerged in the toilet.” Bag Man: The Extreme Life Of A Beta Male (A Cuckold Story) Bag Man is the story of a love-struck beta male cuckold young man who falls victim to an unfortunate circumstance causing him to lose the love of his life, ultimately to another, more deserving man. On the day that he was planning to propose to his majestic and beautiful girlfriend Jenny, Greg made a mistake that would change his life forever.…