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Young Princess (The Inspiration of Old Men)

Young Princess

Young Princess

Entitled to abundance of ease and pleasure
Bending him at the knee with effort so little
The likes of which is nearly impossible to measure

She glides and hovers above with grace
Happening upon the gaze of many a man lonely and lost
Taking advantage of their passions with her hypnotically angelic face

Logic, nor rational purpose can keep his primal lust suppressed
It creeps and it crawls, filling his every pore and organ
Until the poor fool carelessly gives all, bowing at her behest

Young Princess so sweet
You rule old men’s hearts
Your beauty can never be beat

Conquering their souls you rise to power
Asserting authority for as long as your beauty gives license
If wise, hoarding the fortunes as weaker men still grovel and cower

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Young Princess

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Young Princess

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