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Cuck's Club: Young and Entitled Princess

A Young and Entitled Princess Comes Into Her Own

Meet Jayne London, a young and entitled Princess, although she never thought of herself as one until she met Marlon. Nineteen year-old Jayne was ready to settle down and start her life with her fiance, Carl, but that all changed when Marlon helped her to understand that she was entitled to much, much more than Carl could ever give her alone.

Cuck’s Club is my latest book and I couldn’t be any more proud of how it turned out. Won’t you share in my excitement for the young Jayne and pick up a copy on Amazon today? I love all my readers and fans. Thank you so much for the support and enthusiasm you’ve shown for my work. It’s so very much appreciated.




Cuck's Club Young and Entitled PrincessThe book is available in paperback, e-book and Kindle Unlimited exclusively at Amazon. Check it out!

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“Carl and Jayne were a young couple in love, however, that all changed after Marlon barged into their lives.”

Cuckolding at its finest! This is a story of a budding Female Led Relationship (FLR) that quickly descends into a full-time cuckold relationship that’s filled with humiliation, forced-bi, and BBC. The young and entitled Jayne is unapologetic in her persistent demonstration of how she is the one in charge of the relationship.



A newly engaged young couple, Carl and Jayne thought they were embarking on the beginning of their lives together. They were, but just not in the way that either of them could have ever possibly foreseen.

In this coming of age tale of male subjugation and forced chastity, the young and beautiful Jayne, who recently graduated high school, decided to take some time off to reassess her life’s choices. After being turned down for admissions from her preferred dance academy, she needed a break. Jayne moved away from the city and into the suburbs with her fiancĂ©, Carl for a chance of scenery and pace.

It wasn’t long before Jayne met the tall, dark and handsome Marlon, who pushed all the right buttons with his aggressively masculine attitude. Carl had a hard time keeping up with Marlon and soon, Jayne was forced to make a choice. What kind of man did she really want in her life?

Will she decide to keep her weak and pathetic spineless fiancĂ©, who’s more than willing to work for her every need and sacrifice his own dignity just for her comfort? Or will it be the superior and masculine African American god of a man, who’s well endowed beyond her wildest expectation?

Eventually, Jayne realizes that she can have her cake and eat it too. Carl is in for some significant changes as Jayne quickly asserts her feminine rights in this tale of a female-led relationship where cuckolds become neighbors, and sissy’s work hard to earn their keep.

Young and Entitled Princess

Young and Entitled Princess

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